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All our trophies, shields, figures, medals, clocks and gifts can be engraved with your details. Standard metal plates are engraved the same day at our office.

Our single line fonts are computer mapped for efficient engraving saving time and money so we can offer these FREE to you on most of our products.

Child friendly gold and silver flat printed labels can be added at no extra cost instead of metal plates, just email or call us with your preference.

Cup & Crystal Engraving
Engraving golf cups and crystal is a specialist job and requires time and skill to get right. Because of this we may have to quote a charge on an individual basis where it shows no engraving cost next to the product. Call or email us if you require crystal engraving rather than metal plate engraving.

The minimum cost per cup is £18.00 for 90 characters over 3 lines. Additional characters are 50p each. Cups over £1500 retail have a minimum engraving charge of £35.00 and £1.00 per character over 90 characters.

Bold Engraving Fonts

Bold Engraving Fonts

Add your desired font in the text engraving box. We use the Universal font if none is selected.

Bold fonts add a distinct and high quality effect to your awards for very little extra cost. The bold fonts create extra lines and as such take longer to produce and increase tool wear.

If there is a large amount of text to be fitted onto a plate then we may have to contact you if we experience problems with fitting it on. We can revert the text to Norm West, our standard single line font.

Logos and Images
If you would like your logo on your items please send this in an email with a reference to your order number. Large Black and White outline images are best for us to work with. Small colour images are hard to enhance for engraving and cannot be used.

True type fonts

True type fonts

All true type fonts can be engraved with an outline to help them stand out.

These take a little longer in setting up and because the fonts are not efficiently mapped for the engraving machine they can take twice as long to engrave compared with standard engraving fonts.

Glass and Crystal Engraving
Engraving glass and crystal awards are charged on an individual basis where it shows no engraving cost next to the product. Cost depends on the amount of text and any logos required.

Multiple name engraving

Multiple name engraving

We can engrave individual names on award plates including your event details more easily if they are in one column of a document you can email to us.

If you have a few of the same awards with different names you can also copy them all into the text box.

Medal Engraving
Each medal is individually set up on our engraving table, measured rotated and fixed which takes 5-10 minutes. Our engraving charge helps maintain and train our engraver along with maintaining and renewing the tools.

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